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Client: Huntley Cove Furniture

Client Background

Huntley Cove Furniture specializes in custom, comfortable furniture and interior decor products, including chairs, lamps, bowls, tables, and glass items. As a unique and artisanal brand, they sought to create an impactful online presence to showcase their products and attract a broader customer base.

What Huntley Cove Furniture was Searching for

Huntley Cove Furniture aimed to establish a robust e-commerce platform. They sought a comprehensive solution that would encompass both web and mobile app development. Their goal was to effectively represent their craftsmanship and provide customers with a convenient and visually engaging shopping experience.

How ZaphyrX Provided Help with Web & App Designing and Development

ZaphyrX recognized the need for a versatile e-commerce solution. For the website:

    Key Achievements (ongoing)

  • • ZaphyrX's design team collaborated closely with Huntley Cove Furniture to create a visually captivating website.
  • • The development team ensured a user-friendly interface and integrated e-commerce features, enabling seamless online shopping.

    Simultaneously, for the mobile application:

  • • ZaphyrX's application developers designed and developed a mobile app that mirrored the website's functionality.
  • • The app allowed customers to browse, customize, and purchase Huntley Cove Furniture's products conveniently from their mobile devices.

The Delivery

ZaphyrX delivered a comprehensive e-commerce solution for Huntley Cove Furniture, comprising a visually appealing website and a user-friendly mobile application. This integrated platform effectively showcased the brand's craftsmanship while providing customers with a seamless, engaging shopping experience.


24 May 2022

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